How to Earn PRE tokens with Presearch Engine

How to Earn PRE Using Decentralized Search Engine (Presearch)

The Presearch Engine is a next-generation search engine built to provide the world with a decentralized alternative that operates more like a public utility on behalf of its community rather than shareholders.

The vision is to create totally open and transparent algorithms that leverage blockchain technology and the human power of the Presearch community so that, similar to Wikipedia, anyone can participate in the creation and curation of the search index, providing superior results and censorship-resistance.

Presearch offers its users increased search choice and active personalization, where they are in control of their experience, rather than automated personalization built upon a foundation of tracking and profiling users.

Presearch (PRE) has emerged as one of the leading digital assets in the Decentralized markets. Visit or Download the extension to start earning PRE tokens today.

How to Earn PRE with Presearch

  • Visit Presearch or Install extension
  • Register with the platform
  • Perform searches and earn Tokens


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