Welcome to DeFirouter, You’ve found a website dedicated to financial literacy in africa and around the globe, Defirouter is a new kind of financial service company, we have a responsibility of creating experiences that re-imagine the way people interact with technology.

We owe that our amazing and multitalented team.

DeFiRouter, About Us

Angela Caroll

Chief Editor

DeFiRouter, About Us

Scott Estrada


DeFiRouter, About Us

Barbara Ramos

Graphic Designer

About Us

Our Vision

In some countries, The majority of unbanked individuals own or have access to a Mobile phone.

We look at every situation differently and recognize that there isn’t just one solution. It depends on your specific needs and what you want to get the most, out of the decentralized options and services we make available.

We want to make the lives of the underserved and financially unbank population as fulfilling as possible by meeting the unique needs of everyone we engage with.

About Our Company

We are a DeFi-obsessed team of web gurus and financial experts, devoted to creating outstanding branded solutions to real-world financial problems.

Everyday, in the capital city of Nigeria, the DeFIrouter team works to develop a long-term relationship with its clients and partners in efforts to promote shared prosperity.

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